3xB: DuClaw Black Jack Stout

This Week’s Big Bottle:  DuClaw Black Jack Stout

Every time I hear DuClaw I always think of Clamps from Futurama.  I find the name hilarious.  Especially when I say it like Clamps, “I’m gonna order DUCLAW!”

So, after spending 5 minutes doing my best Clamps impression (I’m gonna give ’em DuClaw! I’ve got a surprise for ’em DUCLAW!!!), I ordered the DuClaw BlackJack Stout.  As I’ve said, probably too many times at this point, I really enjoy stouts.  That rich malty goodness is really a favorite of mine.  I had high hopes for this beer.  It was solid, but nothing spectacular.

The Black Jack stout pours pitch black, reminiscent of motor oil.  The aroma is a rich coffee scent.  It’s malty sweet with a strong coffee flavor and a bitter finish.  It’s slightly dry at the end, with a little more coffee.

I think the only think that disappointed me about this one was its overwhelming coffee flavor.  I was hoping for a little chocolate to mellow it out a bit.  Not bad though.

Bada climp ba DUCLAW!!!



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