Tuppers’ 20,000th Beer!

Something that may have slipped under your nose is the event to celebrate Bob and Ellie Tupper’s 20,000th beer tasting.

For those of you who don’t know them, Bob and Ellie Tupper are long-time DC area beer connoisseurs.  They’ve been traveling the world tasting beers (man, I wish I could do that).  So, while you and I likely have around 200 or so beers that we’ve tried… well, the Tuppers are hitting 20,000!

Tasting 20,000 beers would give you quite an extensive beer knowledge.  I think it’s safe to say that the Tuppers could easily school you on the ins and outs of most beers.

Also to note, using this extensive knowledge, the Tuppers designed their own beer.  You’ve probably had it.  The Tuppers Hop Pocket.  A delicious hoppy ale, that you need to try if you haven’t had it.

To commemorate such a huge occasion as tasting 20,000 beers (I hope I make it there), some great DC area brewers have put together an event that shouldn’t be missed!

This Monday (1/17/2011), at 7pm in the back room at RFD, there will be an incredible lineup of tasty beverages that you’ll be kicking yourself for if you miss it.

Here’s the expected lineup:

Devils Backbone – Abby Dark
Brewers Alley – 1634 Ale
Sweetwater Tavern – Black IPA
District Chop House – Dry Hopped IPA cask
St. George – “Bob’s Entire Butt” cask
St. George – Tuppers’ Keller Pils cask
St. George – Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale
Devils Backbone – Tuppers’ Deep Poskets Imperial Pale Ale
Mad Fox – Tuppers’ India Ink Black IPA dry hopped with 100% whole flower Mt. Hood hops

Don’t miss out on what will likely be a night full of great conversation, great laughs, and definitely great beer.

Go to http://www.lovethebeer.com/events.html to get a ticket before they’re gone!



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