J Street Beer Momentous Occasion

Tonight is a special night! 

Our very own Pyzocha is celebrating a birthday! (I won’t tell you his age… we’re embarrassed)

To celebrate this occasion, we’ll be having A BIG BOTTLE BEER BLOG BLOWOUT!!!  Tonight, at about 8pm, we’ll be ripping through a laundry list of big bottles, tasting, drinking, pounding, and hopefully coherently live-blogging the whole thing!

Join us here for this momentous occasion tonight at 8!



Pyzocha – This is is…thanks to all that joined me in celebrating my birthday, amazing beer selection and it’s always a great time to hang out with mt friends. Good night.


Pyzocha – “You can’t have any beer until you finish your tequila”


Tonzi- “Alcohol fuels my power cells and I *bbbbuurrrppp* BEEP”


Dr. Boozenstein – Exit 6.  HOOOOOOO BOY! Tits on a mule!  This Wallonian style brew has a super sweet granny smith apple note.  At only 7.5% abv, this bottle is fantastic to drink on a Sunday drive or during your morning commute.  Make this beer a habit that you put above your work responsibilities and your loved ones, regret is something you will only feel in the instant before your death.


Mon Bon (second time blogger!) – An update of Red and White. This beer is very strong. It’s probably the best beer I’ve had this evening. And sometimes I don’t like Dogfish Head beers cause they are always so fucking delicious that you just want them to make a shitty one sometimes… But I can’t not like it cause it’s really really good. Not shitty at all.


Mon Bon (first time blogger, also) – Lagunitas Crispy Summer Ale is very yummy — refreshing and easy to drink. It’d be a great beer to drink a lot of cause it’s pretty light. It tastes a little less alcoholic than 5.9% so it’d be easy to get drunk with. Also, girls who don’t like beer would probably like this one. I recommend it.

1:00 –

Boardwalk (aka “Special Guest”) – So I’m new to this beer bloging thing, so stick with me here.  I just tried the Fere Jaques, which I loved.  No bitter after taste (which I’m a HUGE fan of) and it has a sweet smell to it.  So there you go.  My first J Street post.  Ugh, this night would be going so much better for me if I didn’t have to work in a few hours…


Pyzocha – We opend the last four bottles. I’m starting with the Dogfish Red & White.  Slight red wine aroma light semi malty flavor, but blah blah blah I have no idea what I’m talking about at this point so the point of it is that this is a solid beer that gets some wine flavor to mix things up. 
Rumor has it that our “Special Guest” might be making an appearance (sp?) soon.

Also on another note I realize it is no longer actually my birthday, but the celebration continues!!!


Pyzocha – We lost a player, it hurts when he left some less than empty dead soldiers. But more importantly he needs to feel better.  4 more big bottles to go. Then maybe it could be Miller Lite time woooooooooooooooooooooo


Dr. Boozenstein D.D.S. – Sweet sassy molassy, apples to apples is getting nonsense.  Casual Feathers!  Donny V’s got a train to catch.  4 more beers and it’s getting weird in the Pyzocha mansion. 


Pyzocha- mmmm Brooklyn local 1….yeah yeah the doctor already reviewed it, but this is one of my favorite beers so I had to chime in about how good it is….oh shit apples to apples time.


Donny V- Jolly Pumpkin’s Bam Noire.  Funky citrus hop flavors.  Medium body, got a little bite to it. 


Dr. Boozenstein – Brooklyn Local 1.  ALL I WANNA DO IS A ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM AND A BOOM BOOM!  Brooklyn represent!


Tonzi- Pretty Things Sylvan Stout.  Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee.  Sorry, we’re watching Futurama at the same time.


Tonzi- And the first spillage just happened.  Pyzocha has a hole in his bottom lip apparently.  It’s all downhill from here.


Tonzi- Dear Kettle Chips, your salt and pepper krinkle chips are fantastic.  I could’ve eaten more.  However, getting through half the bag in a matter of seconds has made me slightly uncomfortable.  Keep making your tasty chips.  Thank you.


Dr. Boozenstein-  Abita Andygator a Helles Double Bock.  Extremely light for a double.  Taste like mileton and pear napolean.  Real clean and crisp with light fruit.  Drink this beer on the treadmill or between sets on your soloflex home gym.


Pyzocha – Detour Double IPA has a wonderful hop aroma that smells very fresh and has a  great followthrough with the flavor that isn’t overly bitter or sweet.  Just a very solid double IPA.


Don Von Matterhorn – Troeg Mad Elf.  Ruby Red brew with Honey and Cherries.  11% abv., but it is masked enitrely by the fruit flavors and spicy kick.  Almost not lacing or head.  Rather bland finish.  I want more cake.


Yummy pistacio cake enjoyed by all


Dr. Boozenstein – Pouring The Dogfather looked like tree sap coming out of a notch in the trunk.  Strong aroma of roasted nuts.  It drinks like rope, leather, and Burt Reynolds mustache.  MANLY!  CAPS LOCK!


Pyzocha – We’ve got three beers open, the myster Lost Abbey, the Manatee Mad IPA and the The Dogfather.  I went with the Manatee: it’s not very hoppy, a bit sweet, solid, but nothing that stands out. 


Tonzi- First up is the Lost Abbey without a label.  It’s pale yellow and funky.  A lot of spiciness and tangy flavor.  CALLING ALL BEER DRINKERS:  what Lost Abbey is it?


Tonzi- Dr. Boozenstein is here and he brought in a few more:

Flying Fish Exit 6, Abita Andygator, and Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire.

Let the drinking begin!!!


Tonzi- And here’s the lineup for the night:

Lagunitas #10, Bold City Mad Manatee, Pretty Things Sylvan Stout, Crooked Line Detour Double IPA, Troegs Mad Elf, Brooklyn Local 1, Laughing Dog The Dogfather, Dogfish Head Red & White, Goose Island Pere Jacques, and a Lost Abbey that has no label (oh the suspense!)

There should be a few more showing up once the remainder of the crew shows up.  I can’t wait!


Pyzocha – I’m sticking with the hoppy goodness with a Heavy Seas Loose Cannon.  Perfectly light sweet hops.  Definitely one of my favorite IPAs.


Tonzi- MMM, hoppy goodness.  The Hopslam is a very well-designed beer.  Overly hoppy, but with a nice maltiness that keeps it from being unbearable.  There’s a lot of hype around this guy, and we were lucky enough to get some.  Delicious.  Soon the big bottles will be out and the craziness will begin!


Tonzi- So, we’re a little late getting started.  Are you surprised?  We aren’t very good with time.

So far, Pyzocha, Don Von Matterhorn, myself, and a special guest Boardwalk, are here and are preparing the tasty beverages.  It actually looks like we’re going to start with a Hopslam.  Woo hoo!


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