3xB: Sierra Nevada Hoptimum


This Week’s Big Bottle: Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Sierra Nevada, a brewing company that’s known for creating hoppy beers, is pushing the boundaries of hoppiness with their latest creation:  Hoptimum.

If you enjoy hops, this beer is in your wheelhouse.  It rests comfortably at 100 IBUs.  And here are the hops involved:

Bittering Hops – German Magnum
Aroma Hops – Simcoe & New Proprietary Variety
Dry Hops – Simcoe & New Proprietary Variety
Torpedo Hops – Citra & Chinook

Yeah.  It’s hoppy.  Some beers only get bittering hops, most will get both bittering and aroma.  A select few get dry hopped, and only Sierra Nevada does the Torpedo. (if you don’t know what a Torpedo is, imagine a machine whose sole responsibility is to pump hop aroma into beer)  This truly is a one of a kind beer.

The big question is:  should I drink it?

Hell yes.  The beer is amazing.  As you can see from the grainy picture above, it’s a beautiful deep bronze color.  The hop aroma shows up immediately and seems mostly floral.  The taste is all hops up front, like putting a bag of fresh cut grass in your mouth.  The overpowering hoppiness is quickly settled and mellowed out by a strong malty backbone.  The finish is slightly bitter and dry.  An incredible beer.

If you were one of the hoard that was looking for a Hopslam and they’re either gone, or out of your price range, consider the Hoptimum.  These stats may appeal to you:  24oz bottle, 10.4% ABV, $8.  Get it at Whole Foods on P Street before it’s gone!!!



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