Brew Review-Brooklyn Cuvée Noire

A few of us J Streeters were out and about in Dupont Circle and decided to stop in at Afterwords Cafe in Kramerbooks for a few beers.  As Shintern mentioned at the end of his Brooklyn Buzz Bomb review, the Afterwords Cafe has a great beer selection.

While there I decided to try the Brooklyn Cuvée Noire which is part of their Brewmaster series.  I had high expectations being from Brooklyn Brewery and being a special series.  It poured very dark with a slight red tint around the edges of the goblet I was given.

The aroma started with a very mild hint of coffee and maybe a very tiny amount of malt, but overall there was a very underwhelming aroma.  This had me worrying that this beer would let me down a bit since I believe that a great beer almost always has to have a great aroma to give a complete experience.

The taste was a bit better than the aroma, but still had a little bit to be desired.  It was quite malty with a very slight coffee taste.  It had nothing to stand out from any other dark ale.  The one surprise was how light it was, but that couldn’t help it out.

I had high expectations from this beer and was let down by the average beer.



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