Brew Review-Gouden Carolus Emperor Grand Cru

There are a handful of beers that after drinking them, I’ve been so overwhelmed it’s been difficult for me to explain them.

The Gouden Carolus Emperor Grand Cru is one of them.  This beer has so much going on that it’s difficult to describe what’s going on.

The Emperor Grand Cru is a dark brown color with a mild red tint.  The aroma really prepares you for what’s ahead with sweetness and mild raisins.  The flavor is incredible.  The beer is jam packed with flavor and it’s really difficult to describe all of it.  It’s malty and syrupy sweet.  There’s maple, grapes, a slight citrus fruit, some cinnamon/nutmeg-like spice, port-like tartness, mild floral hop, perhaps some caramel.  My taste buds lost control at that point and shut down.

This beer is delicious and definitely well worth your time and money (it’s pricey).  Enjoy it slowly, your taste buds will thank you.



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