Local Breweries to Watch

Draft magazine put out a list of 12 breweries to watch in 2011, including a few “local” breweries: Stillwater in Baltimore and Evolution Brewery in Deleware (aka Maryland East).  I can clearly see why.  Stillwater’s Statestide Saison is a really great effort.  Evolution makes a number of great efforts too (e.g., Rise Up). 

Shintern and I got to spend an hour with Mike from Evo Tuesday night, and I’m definitely going to keep my eyes on Evo this year.  Mike shared with us a few things that Evo was planning for this year to get you excited.  They are going to start bottling their whole Menagerie series and by next fall should be bottling the Rise-Up too.  Mike also picked up a couple of firkins to fill and will be returning them to RFD at a yet to be released date with some great new brews (he just said they’d be filled whatever “interesting” beer they had at the time) for us to try.  Stay tuned.



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