3xB: The Bruery Orchard White

This Week’s Big Bottle: The Bruery Orchard White

One of the plethora of winter big bottles produced by The Bruery, the Orchard White caught my eye as a good possible alternative to all the heavy winter stouts, porters, and abbeys I’d been drinking.  The Orchard White is an unfiltered Belgian witbier that comes in at just 5.7% ABV, not exactly your normal big bottle.

It pours a very light golden colour with a generous pale head.  As expected with a witbier It was reasonably cloudy with a reasonable display of carbonation.  The aroma is lightly noted with some bready malts, but is dominated by lavender and other floral notes.  It’s the antithesis of winter.  The first notes bring in citrus (lemon) to the mix.  This is pushed aside by a VERY mild maltyness and then overwhelmingly by the lavendar and similar floral flavours.  It is really overwhelming how much the taste is dominated by the lavender.  I really enjoyed it in the first half of the bottle, but it got a little overwhelming by the second glass.  The beer finishes with a some subtle hoppy notes accompanied by another bit of citrus.

Overall I enjoyed the beer, and was impressed with The Bruery’s ability to work all those flavours together.




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