Brew Review-Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

I’ve had the Flying Dog Gonzo many times, and I’m actually kinda surprised I haven’t mentioned it on this blog before.

The Gonzo remains one of my go-to beers when I’m in the mood for something rich and boozy.

This description is becoming a bit of a cliché with me, but this beer pours like old motor oil.  It’s thick and black.  It has a deep brown head that never seems to go away.  The aroma you get is all malt with a mild coffee bitterness.

The flavor is exactly what you would expect after looking at this beer.  It’s thick and creamy, strong syrupy malts, coffee and some bitter chocolate.  It has a mild floral hoppiness toward the end the wraps up the whole experience.

Overall, this thing’s delicious.  Definitely a sipper.  Enjoy!




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