Brew Review-Lagunitas Brown Shugga’

Lagunitas has a great reputation, so despite my fear of anything that advertises itself as being “sweet,” I was optimistic that if anyone could do it right it’d be Lagunitas with their Brown Shugga’.

Pouring this beer, I was surprised by the red/amber tinge to the brown that one might expect from a brown ale.  It had a light head but a strong, fresh, distinctly hoppy aroma.  The smell alone was quickly convincing me that this was a good decision, though the gentle sweetness that accompanied the hoppiness reminded me not to be too excited just yet.

Taking the first sip, any second thoughts were quickly put to rest.  The immediate taste is a bit sweeter and less bitter than the aroma might suggest, but this balance forms an incredibly full flavor with enough complexity to keep the consumer interested through the last sip.  Even with its distinct sweetness it avoids the trap of becoming syrupy.  The bitterness from the first impression also reappears towards the end, leaving a fresh finish.

I would highly recommend Brown Shugga’ to anyone looking for an interesting beer with a lot of flavor.




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