Brew Review-Shiner Black Lager

Maybe Shiner's darkest beer should have remained the Bock.

That’s right, it’s time for a  Shintern Shiner Review. To start off with, I’ll drink the… Shiner Bohemian Black Lager. (The Bock would have been unsurprising, and the Hef, which is starting to be widely distributed, is out of season and, if my memory serves me well, does not taste great — Blasphemy, I know.)

It might be equally surprising that I haven’t ever had this beer, as Shiner started distributing this and a handful of other varieties after I left Texas. More on those as they can be acquired.

The Shiner Black Lager label states that the beer was brewed to commemorate the Spoetzl Brewery’s 97th anniversary  and “remains true to the old-world heritage of the German and Czech immigrants who started Shiner. Imported Czech Saaz and Styrian hops, and select roasted malts make this ‘Schwarzbier.'”

Well, it does pour darker than Shiner Bock but is not black so much as a really dark crimson especially around the edges. The initial head is quite small and disappears until it is about three mm thick around the glass.

The aroma has a faint tinge of malt and bread.

The beer does not have a strong taste, but it does have a hint of smokiness and malt.

The body is on the lighter end as one would expect for a lager, and it does leave a filmy texture in your mouth.

Overall, I’m not blown away by this beer, but that’s not a big concern because I’ll just walk over to the fridge and help myself to the tried-and-true Shiner Bock.

— Shintern1909

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