Williams Bros. Cask Night

Every week RFD has a “Firkin Thursday” where they have a few different beers on cask. This past week they had three choice from Williams Brothers Brewing Company: The Joker Scottish IPA, Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale, and Alba Scots Pine Ale.

I started with the Joker Scottish IPA.  I was intrigued by a Scottish IPA because I haven’t heard of one before.  This 5% ale poured a very slightly cloudy light yellow.  It had a mild wheat aroma, but not too much there.  The start of this light bodied beer was a great sweet hop flavor, but the finish seemed a bit off with a metallic flavor.  Overall it was a solid beer, but the finish just made me desire more.


Next up was the Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale…when trying this I had no idea what an elderberry was or would taste like.  As the name would suggest this beer poured very dark.  The aroma was a dried berry-like sweet, think cherry or raison, coffee aroma (elderberry?).  The Ebulum is a bit stronger than the Joker at 6.5%, but this was not apparent as the taste was just like the aroma with the berry-like coffee flavor that finished with a bit of bitter fruit.  The body was medium on the tongue (think a light stout body) with a watery finish.  Overall a very interesting beer and definitely worth trying.


Finally I went with the Alba Scots Pine Ale, that was highly recommended by someone drinking it as the most unique of the three.  He was telling me how it was based off an old Norse recipe, and my first thought was Vikings and if this beer would make me want to rape and pillage – hah!  I was a bit weary because this could easily taste just like a Christmas tree like other pine ales.  This 7.5% ale pours a beautiful amber color, that emits a sweet fruit aroma that finished with a bit of pine.  Like the Ebulum, the Alba tastes just like it smells which is just divine and finishes with a refreshing bitterness.  This beer has slight hints of pine; not overdone at all.  A very unique beer, that doesn’t make you want to rape and pillage, worth the try if you can find it.


Overall, Williams Brothers did not disappoint and I would recommend trying any of these beers if you see them.



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