Breckenridge Brewery – Part 2

About a month ago I did a review of several of Breckenridge’s offerings, and was a little harsh on the brewery as a whole.  I recently picked up a bottle of one of Breck’s 471 small batch series Extra Special Bitter.  I now feel like I owe Breck a bit of an apology, because this was a phenomenal beer.

As an ESB the beer doesn’t offer a massive range of diversity or any particularly extreme flavours, but it does an ESB really, really, really well.  A light copper colour with a reasonable head, it gives a great biscuit smell.  The taste is principally a mixture of baked light malts and strong bready malts.  There’s a decided lack of any sweetness at all, but the beer finishes nice and crisp.  At 7.8% it’s that perfect everyday beer.

It’s a shame (or maybe a good thing) I can’t easily get this beer on a regular basis, because it could quickly become one of those staple beers that is always in my fridge.



2 responses

  1. To each their own, obviously, but 7.8% is a little high for an ESB for me. You called it an every day beer, and I think you’re right, it is a (once) every day beer. If I’m going to invest (both financially and in terms of the amount of alcohol I ingest on any given day) in a 7.8% beer, I think it should really pack a lot in there. The beauty of bitters as a style, again, for me, is that you can enjoy a couple of pints of them. They won’t bowl you over, but they won’t, well, bowl you over (see how I did that?) either.

    I’ll check it out though! Thanks for the review!

    February 22, 2011 at 4:18 pm

  2. X

    I agree the 7.8% is a lot, and I don’t think I’d do more than two on any given night. It’s actually the lack of squeezing a lot in that makes it such an everyday beer to me. If I want a really good beer, I might grab something else, but it’s that perfect beer to grab when you just want something simple and delicious.

    The reverse of the problems with a simple 7.8% ESB is that its a a great substitute for your (least) favourite macro beer for binge drinking. Simple, good, and will get you pissed pretty quickly.

    February 22, 2011 at 9:54 pm

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