Brew Review-Great Divide Samurai

For my birthday, my wife took me to Scion for dinner (if you haven’t been there, you should definitely go).  I decided to go with a seafood dish for my meal, so I wanted to get something light to compliment my meal.  The Great Divide Samurai seemed like it would be a good fit.

The Samurai was pretty disappointing.  I guess I did get something light and refreshing that wouldn’t take away from the seafood, but it definitely didn’t add anything either.

It poured a pale yellow color that was slightly cloudy.  The aroma was bright and citrusy.  Flavor was crisp with some citrus notes and a slightly bitter floral finish.  It was also EXTREMELY carbonated.  I’m not sure if it just happened to be this batch, or if they’re all this way, but it was very difficult to pour.  Upon opening, the head started to work its way out of the bottle and made pouring the beer into a glass a 15 minute process.

If you’re looking for something light, this is a decent pick.  Although, I wouldn’t really recommend it.  Great Divide… you’re better than this.




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