3xB: Southern Tier Choklat Stout

This Week’s Big Bottle: Southern Tier Choklat

The Southern Tier Imperial Chokolat Stout would probably do better with a cartoon rabbit review, because it actually belongs in a chocolate milk commercial.  It’s on par with Heavy Seas Siren Noire for simply brilliant Chocolate stouts.

It pours a very, very dark black.  I even held a flashlight directly up to the glass and still couldn’t see through it.  There’s a great mixture of chocolate and milk on the nose.  The taste is a great alignment with everything else.  It’s incredibly smooth, with no bitterness or taste of malts.  Just sweet, smooth chocolate milk; plus alcohol.  It does linger on the tongue just a touch though, with a nice mild evaporation.  No lingering tastes of alcohol or thick syrups, just a solid, delicious beer.



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