Brew Review-Weyerbacher Insanity

A trip to Total Wine in Alexandria always sets me up with a good set of beers.  Sure, they’re all locally distributed ones (not gonna find Russian River there), but the selection is great and I end up with a single bottle of a bunch of random beers.  Make your own 6-pack is a wonderful idea.

This trip I picked up the Weyerbacher Insanity.  The label tells me it’s their Blithering Idiot barleywine that’s been aged in oak barrels.  It seems a lot of brewers these days are aging something in oak barrels.  And, considering I enjoy scotch and bourbon… I’m gonna go ahead and say “thank you”.

The Insanity pours a reddish amber color that’s nearly crystal clear, which kinda surprised me since it’s been hanging out with our good friend oak for so long.  The aroma was slightly sweet, maybe a little vanilla, but a lot of bourbon.  A nice kick to the ol’ olfactory glands.  The flavor was very nice.  Creamy and sweet.  A bit malty, with a mild vanilla kick.  The finish is all bourbon.  A huge bourbon shot with a big boozy burn (I guess I should blame that 11.1% tag).  It really is like taking a sip of their barleywine and then following it with a shot of bourbon, which (generally speaking) is backwards, but who’s counting?  Overall, the Insanity isn’t a beer that will sit in your top ten list, but for the flavor, the high ABV, and especially the price, it’s hard to not recommend this one.




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