Monday Morning Hangover: Google Reader, the sane alternative to Twitter

I am a late adopter of social media and still a bit upset about my moment of weakness when I signed up for facebook. Since that moment though, I’ve refused to join sites such as MySpace, Flikr, Four-square, and, most importantly, Twitter. Of the three, twitter has the most to offer:  where you can find out what food trucks are in your neighborhood, special deals that are going on at local establishments, celebrities’ idiotic thoughts, and random epiphanies from people while sitting on the john.

I’m only too happy to miss out on those; however, Twitter is a key medium to an important bit of information — changes in draft lists. Forward thinking beer bars have been disseminating new tap info via Twitter for a while, but now more and more bars are picking up the trend. All this has made it even more difficult for me to resist taking the plunge and joining Twitter.

That was until I discovered Google Reader. Not only does Google Reader allow me to follow blogs (such as this one) and newspapers, it also allows me to follow Twitter feeds without having to be an actual Twatter Tweeter. Sure, new feeds are not constantly coming through during the day (typically, my Reader updates each Twitter feed around five times a day), but that’s an additional advantage as my phone/email/however followers are notified is not constantly going off. Furthermore, Google has finally released a good version of Reader for, at least, the Android OS, so you can follow tweets while out at bars.

Personally, I only follow the few places that I live near and am likely to go to over the course of a week or rotate good beers often: RFD, Churchkey, Meridian Pint, and Room 11 (has a guest tap each Tuesday). I’m sure there are several other good beer bars that I should keep up with (Black Squirrel and bars on H St NE come to mind) — I just don’t go to those areas frequently enough.

I also suggest following and (shameless plug) With so many events and new beers coming to DC, these two sites can reduce the number of times you face-palm yourself because you did not hear about an amazing beer tasting event or new beer to try.

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