Brew Review-Flying Fish Exit 4

Don’t worry, I still hate New Jersey

I used to think that the only good things to come out of New Jersey were Sinatra, The Boss, and of course my mother.  I’m not saying Flying Fish beer deserves to be in that elite company yet, but its definitely got some potential. I’m not the only one to think good things of Flying Fish’s Exit 4 – it did win a gold medal at GABF in 2009.

The beer pours a nice cloudy golden colour with a very wispy white head and plenty of carbonation.  It has a nice mild hoppiness on the nose with sweet scents of dried fruit.

The taste is great with some sweet, light maltiness up front along with hints of banana and some very mild spices.  This gives way to a slight bitterness on the back that works really well to balance the initial sweetness.  Despite the 9.5% ABV, this is a really smooth drinking and enjoyable offering.


One response

  1. The Wookie

    Glad you discovered Flying Fish. These guys are right in our backyard and make some great brew. I love all of their “Exit Series” beers but their regular line-up and seasonal line-up is good to. Try some of their other brews if you get a chance. Just go easy on the Jersey bashing or I’ll get the Booze Dancer Posse together and head down 95 for a rumble. Besides this brew is from South Jersey which many of us consider a separate State from the North and much nicer.

    March 9, 2011 at 4:03 pm

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