Beer Madness! 1 (5)Pork Slap v. (12)Pennant

(5) Butternuts Pork Slap
(12) Brooklyn Pennant

Every time I see the Brooklyn Pennant I can only think of the Yankees.  Let’s be honest, a pennant, in Brooklyn?  It’s obviously not the Mets.  The thought of the Yankees just makes me angry.  So angry that I COULD TAKE THIS BOTTLE AND SMASH IT ON THE GROUND INTO A THOUSAND PIECES AND THEN, but then I look at the can of Pork Slap and seeing those two pigs about to slam into each other with huge smiles on their faces, well, it makes me happy.

Personally, I’m hoping for the Pork Slap, but with a name like Pennant it’s gonna be a tough win.


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