Beer Madness! 3 (4)Weihenstephan Hefe v. (13)Heineken

(4) Weihenstephan Hefeweizen
(13) Heineken

A matchup between two well known Euros that play a similar finesse style.  Heineken gets in as an at-large bid from a power conference.  It may have made it in over some lesser known beers.  Clearly Heineken’s reputation is inflated by lots of appearances on national TV.  Weihenstephan plays a pure old-school game that has not changed since before Glenn Roberts was raining jumpers at Emory & Henry.  To the untrained eye their style is a little dry and a little boring.  But true hop-heads see effortless symphony in Weihenstephan’s simplicity. On paper, this is a close matchup.  But matchups aren’t decided on paper.

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