Beer Madness! 6 (1)Troegenator v. (16)Natty Boh

(1) Troegs Troegenator
(16) National Bohemian

Troegs and Natty Boh are regional rivals but not in the same league.  Their campuses are separated by only 80 miles, but the Troegenator powerhouse double bock is streets ahead of the small time Natty Boh. The Troegenator, lead by Trogdor, are a destructive force that you can expect to stomp all over the Bohs weak front line.  In the end, the Bohs swords and arrows are too weak to stand up for long against the fierce Troegenator.  Look for Trogdor to lead the Troegenator to burninate the Bohs.

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