Beer Madness! 24 (1)Bells Two-Hearted v. (16)Miller Lite

(1) Bells Two-Hearted
(16) Miller Lite

Well, this match up should be a cake-walk. Miller Lite survived the play in game against Bud Light only to go against one of the stronger beers. That said, it all comes down to who shows up at game time: George W* (Beer Drinkers) or John Kerry (Beer Lovers) Fans.

Miller Lite comes from the old-beer-school North, has family connections with foreigners, but has appeal in most places, especially at sporting venues.

Also from the North, Bells Two-Hearted is substance over style and appeals to those who are more versed in the field of beer. People note that while it seems highfalutin, it actually has some very solid points that Miller Lite never seems to address. Unlike Miller Lite, Two-Hearted has worked pretty hard to build a solid reputation in the field and doesn’t rely on gimmicks to win over new fans, just a simple taste. Those that support Bells Two-Hearted are often blinded to the fact that Miller Lite is highly favored in the large Southern States, where Two-Hearted is seen as aloof.  Two-Hearted backers claim that it’d have broader appeal if people would just give it a try.

Out of this, I gotta go with the higher seed, Bells Two-Hearted, and pray that NASCAR dads do not show up to the polls this time.

*Yes, Bush Jr was a reformed alcoholic and doesn’t drink beer. Also, he’s from Connecticut.


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