District Beer Hunt – Clues and Answers

Now that the District Beer Hunt is but a fond memory for many of us, it’s time to go over the clues and their answers.  Try not to beat yourself up over the obvious ones.

Big Hunt
1.  Hunter S. Thompson would’ve chosen this over juleps at the Kentucky Derby.  Flying Dog oak aged Gonzo
2.  If Homer wrote an alternative to his Odyssey, but left the pages blank.  Epic Brainless

Black Squirrel
3.  Uncle Jimbo lost the right one playing with his power tools. He’s got this beer to remind him of what’s still there.  Left Hand Sawtooth
4.  “Alright, alright, alright! That’s why I love them Colorado beers. They keep getting hoppier, and I drink them the same way.”  Boulder Hazed and Infused

5.  Pizarro spent one year looking for this beer’s namesake.  Flying Dog El Dorado Single Hop IPA
6.  Favorite fermentable of Apoidea everywhere, especially those from the Beaver State.  Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Iron Horse
7.  In honor of the upcoming Masters Tournament, this corner is the most famous of all.  Amen Black IPA
8.  Lewis and Clark, Edmund Hillary, and Robert Perry could have just lived vicariously through this beer. Instead, Perry lost eight toes.  Bells Expedition Stout

Justin’s Cafe
9.  Bebop your way over to this legend’s tribute.  North Coast Brother Thelonius
(They ran out of Thelonious so we had to switch it up on the fly)
9.a This beer is a prime choice. Port City Optimal Wit
10.  We’re sorry you’re bovinophobic, but don’t be afraid to drink this optical illusion.  Duck Rabbit Milk Stout

Meridian Pint
11.  A dark Cave. In the middle, a Caldron boiling. Thunder. Enter the three Witches.  Founders Double Trouble
12.  Belgian Father who observed and described this near-Buffalo natural landmark in 1677, thus bringing the landmark to the attention of Europeans.  Ommegang Hennepin

13.  Malapterurus electricus is a fish, but this beer is a “fish.”  Sierra Nevada Torpedo
14.  Production of this beer started during the War Between the States.  Chimay Cinq Cents

15.  Enjoy a dark beer to celebrate December 5, 1933 – which was definitely not a dark day.  21st Amendment Back in Black
16.  All indications point to finding great beer at RFD, but only one suggests it’s not safe to go into the water while enjoying this beer.  Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning

17.  Sounds like a Muppets’ offshoot. Yes, that one.  Great Lakes Dopplerock
18.  The nutty, self-flagellating albino from The Da Vinci Code created a lot of this.  21st Amendment Monk’s Blood

Smith Commons
19.  Heav’n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn’d. Now you finish the rest and order the beer.  Flying Dog Raging Bitch
20.  You had better touch this untouchable beer.  Great Lakes Eliot Ness

To all who made it out, thank you for participating.  We’ll have a post out soon with out impressions of the crazy weekend!


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