District Beer Hunt – Dr. Boozenstein’s View

Count my voice among the praise singing choir. I had a phenomenal time this weekend talking with the team, the awesome staff at Bourbon, the participants, and the curious randos.


1. I autographed titties. I felt like Kid Rock.
2. The Bourbon Decker sandwich and baked beans were amazing. It might be the best sandwich I have eaten in 2011.
3. The fat guy from Brew’s Clews leaning over me to drunkenly and hilariously hit on my girlfriend.
4. The 10 or 12 randos who wondered why I was signing sheets for people. I’d say at least 8 of them were interested enough to ask if we do a scavenger hunt every month.
5. Rogue Nut Brown Nectar.
6. The team that got a call from the DOJ at 4am to come claim their passed out teammate.
7. WAFC Jr. canceled all Sunday games.
8. That one time when I autographed some titties.


1. Walking home from Adams Morgan because of the crazy cab situation.
2. The drunk girl on Georgia Ave with the glassy eyes.
3. The stranger who offered to “give me a ride” at the corner of 14th and Harvard. No thanks, creepo.
4. My back after sitting on a bar stool for 20 hours in a 36 hour period.
5. Sunday morning hangover.

Most teams I talked to had an amazing time and would like to do it again. I would like to do this again in the fall if we can put it together (we’ll see). I know that Bourbon was super appreciative of the business we brought in. James, Rachel, and Craig took really good care of me. I could not have asked for a better bar staff. I was initially pretty offended that some teams focused more on finishing first than on learning about new beers and new bars, but I have calmed. Not everyone likes to have a good time, and that is fine. I would like to focus more on the costume aspect of the hunt next time. I’m a big fan of people looking ridiculous for arbitrary reasons. I agree with Pyzocha’s suggestion that the prizes should be more random. Only one team can finish first. I think emphasizing having fun and learning about new beers was our goal. Most teams did that.

Thanks to Tonzi for doing all the hard work putting this together.

Praise Allah

One response

  1. Grover

    In defense of our aggressive strategy, we had tried every single beer on that list except Left Hand Saw Tooth and frequent every bar except Bourbon, Scion, and Smith Commons (of which only Smith had none of us ever visited). It’s not like we were going to have a craft beer epiphany from slowly sipping an Elliot Ness for the hundredth time.

    If we wanted to hit a few of our regular bars (the de facto strategy of most teams), we would have hopped around in one neighborhood, just like we do most weekends. I understand the impetus of the event – and it’s a great idea – but the competition, and having to get all around the city as fast as possible, is what made it fun for us. If I really wanted to learn about new beer I’d post up at Churchkey and peruse their lists and take my time with that Oak Aged Gonzo.

    That overly defensive diatribe being said, great event! Very well run by a bunch of friendly folks obviously in it for the right reasons. Here’s to next year.

    – In it to Fucking Win It (aka Damn I’m Hungover Today)

    March 31, 2011 at 10:44 am

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