District Beer Hunt – Pyzocha’s View

I agree with everything that Shintern said, but would like to add that I heard many many teams complimenting the food that was found at various stops along the way.  I had a few teams come into Justin’s for brunch and they all raved about the food.  Speaking of Justin’s, I was chatting with one of the managers, Joe, while at a slow point of the day and he said their goal of the participation was to get people to know the place even existed (they’ve only been there for about a year), especially with the baseball season starting on Thursday.  This was clearly a success because every team that came in said that they had either not been there or not even heard of it before.

Along the lines of the competitive aspect of this; you could tell the teams that were in it to win it, and they were the minority.  Many teams hung around at the bar for multiple beers, I know at The Black Squirrel on Friday night, there was a team there until close having a good time.  So I’d say the majority of teams were just in it for the fun of the clues and to try the different good beers.  It seemed like every team was telling me that they can’t wait for next year and how they knew even more people that would be interested in participating next time.  I even had a team suggest we do a spring and a fall one.

One thing for a future event, which will probably be the hardest part of a future one, is to get more volunteers.  I think I can speak for everyone here:  it was a blast, but those were two looooong days at the bar.  It was great to have Boardwalk stop by at the Squirrel and X stopping by Justin’s on Saturday, because the bartenders get busy and there isn’t always a team at the bar to talk to.  So the extra person made the time go by much faster.  I would definitely do it again though – even if I was by myself the whole time.  Along these lines, a lot of teams were really thankful for what we did especially when a typical conversation on Saturday would go like this:

“are you here all day?”
“I am here all day”
“wow, are you getting paid for it?”
“just a small stipend”
“wow that’s impressive, thanks for doing that” or “did you see that guy at meridian pint last night he was in rough shape”
“haha well he had to get there at 10 this morning to start again” to no response, just a stare of disbelief.

I had at least 3 or 4 of these conversations Friday and Saturday, mostly on Saturday where I had the unique experience of seeing some of the teams for a second time before the party.  I had a great conversation about homebrewing with one guy on a team and another about hopslam and beer in general with another guy.

All in all it could not have gone better and that is even before we consider that we lost our organizer before the event.  Great job everyone, I hope to do it again.



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