District Beer Hunt – Shintern’s View

First off, I had a great time this weekend at Meridian Pint and would really like to thank the bar for participating and Sam and their whole staff for their hard work and making me feel welcome.  All the teams that came through seemed to be enjoying themselves and talked about learning about new bars and beers, which, for me, was the goal of this weekend.

I understand that people are competitive and want to win the prizes, and I don’t fault them for being that way; we set this up as a race. What I really enjoyed were the teams that came to Meridian Pint on the second day. When these teams showed up, everyone got a different beer, they talked to other participants, the bartenders, and normal customers (spreading the DC Beer Hunt gospel), and the teams were in high spirits (most said they felt they were winning since they were enjoying the bars and beer, aka the journey). Hats off to the two ladies that came out for brunch at MP despite finishing the Hunt the night before; obviously, they needed some good hangover food but were also keen on some day-drinking.

I also want to thank everyone who offered suggestions for future hunts. No one criticized the Hunt, only offered ways to improve it.  Such as a series of raffles at the end for all the teams that had completed the Hunt, costume contest based on throughout the weekend participation, and having a list for both days.

Finally, I appreciate everyone that drank responsibly this weekend and took advantage of our city’s public transportation options. I kept asking people on Friday night to travel responsibly only to receive numerous “No shit, Sherlock” looks.



One response

  1. skurtz

    The two ladies from Meridian Pint say thanks for an amazing time, we really had a blast! If you need volunteers next year, let us know.

    March 30, 2011 at 3:31 pm

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