Beer Madness! 50 (2)Back in Black v. (6)Dortmunder Gold

(2) 21st Amendment Back in Black
(6) Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

These two beers could not be more different in appearance and style. BIB IPA has an intense taste to match its strong ABV and pours, well, black; Dortmunder Gold is lighter in taste than the BIB IPA, less ABV, and pours, well, gold. Back In Black hails from San Francisco’s can-loving 21st Amendment Brewery while Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold is worshiped by Mid-Westerners (should say something about Ohio when their beer is more popular than their sports teams…) Dortmunder Gold erupted into the D.C. market in 2010 and had a strong fan following at the beginning, but does it have enough fans to beat the Back In Black that has steadily gained more and more fans as people look for IPA’s outside of the normal style?

I want to say Back In Black, but based on how crap my picks in the actual tourney were, I’ll go with my brain: Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold for the win.

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