Good news, ladies and gentlemen!  Very good news!  The District of Colombia is back in the beer game.  DC’s first production brewery in over 50 years is finally in full production!

DC Brau is up and running and made their huge debut on Friday night (Tax Day) at Meridian Pint.  The Public Ale was readily available and in huge demand! 

The place was packed, and packed very early at that.  There was a line out the door.  The upstairs area was closed off.  The bar was 4 people deep and getting a beer was quite complicated (warranting a purchase of 2 beers at each time making it to the bar… hooray double-fisting!).  Everyone was there to support the local beer scene.  To lend a hand to an up-and-coming brewery that is exploding onto a beer hungry populace.

Upon getting to the bar, after finally working through the crazy crowd, the bartenders knew what everyone was there for.  They didn’t ask what beer you wanted, they asked how many do you want.  It was all about DC Brau and their Public Ale.

The Public Ale, an American Pale Ale, was a delicious treat.  The Public is a bright copper color and has a nice floral hop aroma.  The flavor is a bit hoppier than I had expected.  There is a nice malty-sweet backbone that holds it all together.  The finish is bitter and a bit clingy.  Overall, it’s a great staple.  The best way for them to get into the beer game:  create a solid, drinkable beer that people can enjoy at any occasion.  DC Brau has succeeded.  And they’ve succeeded in a big way.  Meridian Pint shot through 15 kegs of it last night.

I’m looking forward to everything they have in store for us in the future.  Congratulations DC Brau!



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  1. I wasn’t surprised to see Meridian Pint so packed, but fortunately the line moved fairly quickly when I got there. If all DC Brau beers are this good, they’re going to have a big following. Congrats DC Brau!

    http://beersome.com/?p=67 (my review)

    April 16, 2011 at 6:29 pm

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