Brew Review: House in Session

A couple of month’s ago, a trio of DC’s top beer directors, Meridian Pint’s Sam Fitz, Churchkey’s Greg Engert and Pizza Paradiso’s Greg Jasgur, took a trip down to St Louis to collaborate with each other and Schlafly and concoct an amazing session ale called House in Session. Sam was the first one to tap the brew back towards the end of March, and I popped in to try it out.

The beer has a nice fruity aroma, and Sam poured it with a good quarter inch head that dissipated quickly. The coloring was a nice cloudy brown, akin to Bells Two Hearted.

The taste was fantastic and doesn’t leave the mouth completely clean, but lingers like a good ale should. The flavors were well balanced and reminded me of the pulled ales served in England. Based on drinking ales at room temperature, I asked Sam if they planned on serving it on cask. Thankfully, he said yes. Now, I just have to hope that when they do serve it on cask, they have enough towards the end of the night after it has slowly warmed to room temperature.

Since that first taste, I’ve gone back to MP to try other beers (including DC Brau) but return to House in Session when it’s on tap. Definitely a sessionable ale.


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