Brew Review: Meinklang Ancient Grains

During my latest beer gathering trip to Whole Foods on P Street, I noticed some strange looking copper bottles.  Strange mainly because they were held together by cardboard bottle rings (it’s really the best way for me to describe it).  The copper bottle labels caught my eye, then I read that it was from a bio-dynamic farm (ooooh, trendy!).  So, I bought it.

It’s pretty boring.  I don’t know what I expected.  I guess I pictured the bio-dynamic farm to have solar panels and wind turbines and flowing streams with farm-raised fish and the bright sun shining down upon it.  Well, that may be, but the beer that comes out of this bio-dynamic farm is sad and lonely.  It’s a nice pale golden color.  From there it heads downhill.  The aroma was actually kinda musty with a very slight floral hop mixed in.  The flavor was slightly spicy, slightly bitter, slightly malty, and slightly uninteresting.

This beer is for the people who love Budweiser, but are always around beer snobs and are getting tired of being picked on.  It’ll satisfy your Bud-lust AND it’ll make you look trendy and environmentally friendly.  Sweet.



One response

  1. dan

    just picked some up on an impulse from the wine market in Baltimore. I have to say, it tastes like piss and nothing like an ale to me. Definitely didn’t pick a winner this time…honestly considering tossing the remaining bottles out.

    April 30, 2011 at 4:49 pm

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