Brew Review: Shiner Kosmos Reserve

On a recent adventure to North Carolina, Dr Boozenstein brought back an amazing gift: the Shiner Family Reunion six pack, which contained a bottle of the Shiner Kosmos Reserve. This beer, described as a “full-flavored, hop-jacked lager,” is named after Kosmos Spoetzel, the brewery’s founder and only available as a single-bottle in the Family Reunion packs. Rare Shiner beer? I’m all over it.

The beer appears to have less carbonation than lagers with a minimal head and a nice honey color. The beer had a touch of a bread smell, and it tasted like a medium range lager such as Brooklyn Lager (above the American macros). It did have a lighter body than Brooklyn, which makes it even better for summer drinking.

It’s good but not drink-habit changing, which brings me to my next point: I’ve had just about every beer Shiner has produced in the past seven years and have only thought that the Bock and Shiner 101 – Czech Pilsner, which I wish they’d bring back, were quality beers. These are the only two that I’ve continued to look for and buy. Alas, ShinerBocktern just doesn’t have the same ring…



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