Brew Review: Yazoo Sly Rye and Pale Ale

Heading to Nashville for a couple days, I had high expectations for music and the general bar scene, but didn’t quite know what to expect in terms of beer.  Figuring I should try something local, I stumbled upon the Yazoo Sly Rye and Yazoo Pale Ale soon after getting into town.  Each was solid, though certainly nothing special.

The Sly Rye was first, coming along with a delicious barbecue lunch.  As promised, it was a rye stout from Nashville, pouring expectedly dark with little head.  The first sip offered the initial taste of a stout, but the body left a lot to be desired, becoming fairly watery quickly.  Overall the flavor was good, but not strong.  In general this would probably be a fine beer, though it certainly is not quite what I’d look for in an interesting stout.

Yazoo’s Pale Ale delivered similar but slightly more impressive results.  Much like the Sly Rye, it poured and smelled as expected, a typical lighter brown with a distinct but not overwhelming hoppy aroma.  The first taste was very good, lots of flavor and a clean, crisp finish with just enough bitterness.  As I kept drinking, however, the Pale Ale seemed a bit more ordinary.  Though good, it reminded me a lot of a Sierra Nevada with a little less going on. Not bad in the slightest, but not the type of interesting beer that you hope to stumble into when trying a local brew.

Both beers are certainly worth drinking, especially if you’re looking for some local flavor, but neither is going to be terribly memorable.  If you’re in Nashville, give the Pale Ale a try, but you won’t be surprised to find most of the locals drinking PBR.


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