Brew Review: Hair of the Dog Ruth


Ah, hair of the dog. If there is anything I believe in this is it. If there is a better way to alleviate the pain of a hangover than to fight back with more booze I certainly haven’t found it. Part of me has always dreamed of doing the ritual with a beer from the brewery of the same name but I had never seen any of their stuff until a recent trip to NY for my brother’s birthday where I spotted a few singles at Whole Foods and eagerly purchased them.

The bottle says “Ruth is light and refreshing” and that is an excellent way to sum up this beer. It pours a beautiful hazy yellow and smells greatly of citrus. The flavor is incredibly crisp and clean with a good amount of citrus coming through. This goes down incredibly quickly. Ruth is certainly on the light end of the spectrum for a pale ale and the 4.5 ABV makes it a good warm weather beer. Having had so much DC Brau Public lately I forgot that pale ales don’t have to be super hoppy to be delicious.

If you’re looking for a beer that is subtle but still tasty then look no further than Ruth. For anyone just getting a taste for craft beer I would suggest this in a heartbeat. The biggest setback is availability and price, as I paid 2.50 for a single.


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