Brew Review: Long Trail Belgian Wheat

I decided to go off the beaten track a bit on Friday, and try Long Trail’s Belgian White.  I should stay to the beaten track more often.

Drank straight from the bottle, so I can’t really comment on colour.  The nose was very strongly of wheat, with some mild citrus and coriander notes up front.

Plenty of carbonation in the taste, which starts with some mild orange/citrus flavours before the wheat body of the beer comes in completely and utterly dominates the beer.  It has a very dry, flat wheat taste through most of the beer.  It’s not very pleasant, not very flavourful, and really lingers on the tongue.  There’s no nice crisp and refreshing finish, just a long wheaty finish with each sip.  I did not enjoy finishing this bottle.


If I can just stop one person from trying this beer, my time, money and sacrificed taste-buds will be worth it.


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