Brew Review: Shiner Old-Time Alt

Shiner Old-Time Alt; Altbier, 4.2%

The next installment of Shintern’s Shiner run down.

Much like the previously reviewed Shiner Kosmos, Shiner Old-Time Alt has a limited production run and is available through the Shiner Family Reunion sixer (so, thanks again to Dr Boozenstein for hauling this back from the South). The back label describes the beer as: “This copper-colored, medium to full-bodied Dusseldorf-style Alt features a balance of malts and hops. A long-lasting, creamy head. And a dry, smooth finish. This small batch brew is our first brewer’s pride selection and we hope you savor every sip.” Sounds like a pretty awesome session brew, but does it live up to the marketing hype?

Sadly, not really. The beer does pour a nice copper/amber brown color, and it poured a decent head that actually did not seem long lasting. The beer was clear and didn’t seem to have a lot of obvious carbonation. The Old-Time Alt does not have a very strong, distinguishing smell, and the taste was pretty well balanced with a little bit of a bitter flavor that I actually enjoyed. I mean, the earth didn’t move for me when I had a sip, but then again, I didn’t want to spit it out or feel like I should have better prepared for some weird flavor explosion. Finally, the beer is indeed low carbonation and does have a dry (I call it ‘clean’) finish.

All in all, it’s a good beer, but I do not see this one making the shift from limited edition to regularly bottled.

— Shintern

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