The Rosslyn Bar Scene

The Arlington area is known as a great hotspot for young professionals to drink and have a good time.   It’s also known as a suburban hellhole.  Rosslyn ends up being all of the latter, and little of the former.  I remember when I first started working in the Rosslyn area and had such a difficult time finding somewhere to drink, I was actually excited when I finally made it to a TGI Friday (before they went crafty).  Really there is absolutely no reason to ever go out drinking in Rosslyn.  However, there are a ton of office buildings in the area, and if you find yourself frequently working in the here, as Shintern and I do, you might occasionally find it useful to have somewhere to drink.

The Continental

The Continental is the one real bar in the area.  It’s sort of your standard, middle American sports bar.  One or two mediocre beer selections (e.g., Sierra Nevada) are tolerable due to the large number of bar games available.  Darts, skeeball, pool, and shuffleboard are scattered around the bar, dramatically increasing the appeal of the bar.  Not a horrible place to hang out before the Rosslyn summer film fest

Cafe Asia

Cafe Asia has reasonable sushi during happy hour, but the beer selection is absolutely appalling.  Sam Adams Boston Lager (no special brews) is the best option you are going to get here.  Brilliant Patio, bad beer.

Santa Fe

Do you like Mexican?  Do you like free chips and salsa?  Do you like vinyl tableclothes?  Do you like getting a pitcher of Lagunitas Pils for $10?  The answers to the first three questions don’t matter too much, but the fourth one is sort of a big deal.  Even if Lagunitas is not your favorite beer, they have a whole cooler full of local (Old Dominion) and craft brews (Two Hearted)  along with the usual suspects that accompany Mexican influenced dining.


Beer = Bad   Happy Hour = Awesome.  Your best beer option here is…damn, I can’t think of one.  Peroni?   Peroni is really the best possible beer?  Pretentious Euro trash is what you have to look forward to here.  Then again, during happy hour they come around with free pizza, bruschetta, and other appetizers, so it could be worse…

Rhodeside Grill

Rhodeside Grill = Shiner Bock on tap in Virginia! There is a very good reason for this: for the past four to five years, Rhodeside Grill has hosted the Texas Exes (Alumni) football watch parties. I’ve been there for some memorable nights where we ripped through 12 kegs of the good stuff, but Rhodeside is more than that. The upstairs is a decent restaurant that serves typical American fare (around $8-10 for burgers and waffle fries) and a decent brunch on the weekend. The downstairs is dedicated to sports – two walls are covered with TVs. For sports watching, Rhodeside is hard to beat. One, rather sad, note: The Shiner Bock on tap tastes a bit off. Maybe their lines need a good cleaning.

2 responses

  1. There’s no reason to drink in Rosslyn! Might as well hop the metro two stops and head straight to Galaxy Hut.

    May 12, 2011 at 2:16 pm

  2. X

    Two Thoughts.
    1. Shintern is the one who likes Rhodeside and Shiner. I don’t, and I want that on the record.
    2. I agree w/Eric: Galaxy Hut is far superior, and even walkable from Rosslyn, but I work with really lazy people…

    May 13, 2011 at 12:24 am

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