Brew Review: New Belgium Lips Of Faith le Fleur Misseur

Lips Of Faith le Fleur Misseur

New Belgium is one of those breweries that feels more like a myth than reality to me. The tales that surround it made me excited to try Fat Tire when I was in San Francisco last fall yet I left unimpressed after a few pints. I knew the Black Squirrel had gotten in a lot of their brews recently and when my friend said we should try out Lips Of Faith le Fleur Misseur I consented after a bit of hesitation.

I’d comment on how it looked when poured but the amazing smell of funk that arrived as it came out made me barely notice. With the aroma making me drool I quickly took a sip and was not disappointed. Brett completely dominates the taste about as much as any beer I’ve ever had, in a delightful way. For the amount of wild flavor it has, the beer was still smooth with minimal harshness in the mouthfeel department.

For anyone who loves the flavor of Brett this beer is a must try. Some people might say that it’s  a one-note beer with minimal balance, but if that one note is absolutely awesome, what’s the problem?!
3-Drink It

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