3xB: Goose Island Big John

This Week’s Big Bottle:  Goose Island Big John

While perusing the big bottles, I came across one hiding in the shadows.  A dark, angry looking bottle peering out from behind a happy looking bottle of Sofie.  The Big John looked pretty scary.  I read the label and saw cacao nibs… and you know how I feel about those.

This huge imperial stout pours like old motor oil.  Thick and black, with a nice brownish head.  The aroma is very sweet, lots of malt, chocolate and coffee.  The flavor is delicious.  It’s very sweet and malty, a very heavy soft mouthfeel, with chocolate and coffee throughout.  There’s a mild bitterness in the clingy finish with a little bit of an alcohol burn.

Coming in at 11.5%, this took some time for me to finish, and every taste was worth it.  If you can find it, get it.  This beer is delicious!  Also, it says it’s good cellared for up to 5 years.  So, if you can fight the urge to drink it… let it sit for a while.


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