Brew Review: Triangle Brewing Belgian Style White Ale

Nice Cans!I’ve visited Durham a few times in the last 2 months and have had the opportunity to try a number of delicious beers that JStreet can’t always get our collective clammy, stump-fingered hands on.  The craft brewing scene in and around Durham is impressive and there will be a full report on it later.  Anyway, I picked up the Belgian Style White Ale to bring home to try.  I think I brought it home a bit early.  This is a perfect summer porch beer.   The White Ale pours cloudy and straw yellow.  It is light, but creamy with a touch of citrus at the end.  For a beer on the lighter side it has impressive depth of flavor.  Also, CANS!

If I was fancy (*removes monocle*), I would take two sixers of this canned nectar on an all day float trip or for early morning noodling. But since I am not fancy (*replaces monocle*), I enjoyed these with beluga caviar and watercress toast points.  Overall, I think this is an excellent beer.  I would make it my everyday drinker if I could get it everyday.

Overall: DRINK IT

-Dr. Boozenstein


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