3xB: Brewer’s Art Le Canard

This Week’s Big Bottle Breakdown: Brewers Art Le Carnard

The bottle has a duck on the label, which you probably could have guessed from the name.  This will be important later.

The beer poured a nice clear amber with a generous white head.  There was a light nutty aroma on the nose, plus a very odd and slightly metallic smell as well.

The taste was slightly malty and sweet with banana, raisins, and dried tart cherries dominating the palate.

There was a lot of carbonation up front, and all of the taste.  The beer doesn’t have much of a finish – the whole thing is up front, which left me a little disappointed – sort of a bad tease of a beer.

If I could give a beer 1.5 Hops, I would.  Unfortunately Tonzi has arbitrarily restricted me to whole number ratings.  So I had to come up with some way to break the tie, and that’s where the Duck comes back into the story. Or more importantly, the fact that they have a duck on the label, and gave it a French name, which is good for -.5 hops.




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