SAVOR Beer Week Event Preview: Flying Dog Backyard Symposium

X and I are headed up to Flying Dog brewery tomorrow morning for a “Backyard Symposium” FD is hosting for SAVOR.  Flying Dog Brewmaster Matt Brophy will be leading two panel discussions.  The first, on East Coast Hop Cultivation, will include representatives from several east coast farms. The second panel will be about one of X’s favorite styles: Belgian-Inspired American Beers.  Panelists will include brewers from The Brewer’s Art, Ommegang, and Devil’s Backbone among others.

Cooking with beer, as evidenced by 1 2 3, is one of my own personal interests, and the afternoon is set to wrap up with lunch (food!) and a “cooking with beer” demonstration by Chef Bryan Voltaggio.  Hopefully I’ll learn a few more things to try back at home.

We hope to get a recap and maybe some photos up by Friday afternoon.


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