SAVOR Beer Week Event Review: The Lupulin Reunulin

What an incredible night!  Sorry we’re a bit late on getting you this review, but it’s taken some time to get it all sorted out.

As we discussed in our preview, the Lupulin Reunulin would be a beer tasting headed up by the brewers themselves.  When we arrived and got our tasting sheets, we knew we were in for a good night.  Fourteen beers for the tasting!  Hard to find, and impossible to find beverages for us to enjoy.

First, I’d like to talk about the panel.  The only disappointment on the panel was that Sam from Dogfish was unable to make it.  The rest of the panel members, especially Tomme from Lost Abbey, picked up the slack and made it a very enjoyable and hilarious evening.

Stories from the panel that are worth you hearing about:

– The Port Brewing Mongo was named after a kitten.  He was originally named Columbus, but was so big that he was nicknamed Mongo.  Due to his size, Mongo was kicked out of the litter by his fellow kittens.  As Tomme noted, Mongo was working at the brewery on “biodynamic pest control”, and was doing quite well.  Sadly, Mongo passed away after just 8 or 9 months in his pest control position.  A burial was held at the brewery, and the beer was named after him, in memoriam.

– The night began to devolve when Rob Tod started telling us a story about waterskiing naked and his shrinkage.  Actually, that may be a story you didn’t need to hear about.

– Tomme’s best way to describe the Anniversary Ale, was to say that it will make your nose nice and fuzzy, as seen here:

– Sierra Nevada is thinking about opening up an east coast brewery.  Look for this news to hit soon (assuming they actually follow through on it).

– Sam made a short appearance, through a text message, to tell everyone “Rob Tod looks really cute right now.”

On to the beers!

1. Mad Fox – Orange Whip
Appearance – reddish brown Aroma – floral, citrus hops Taste – mild, dry sweetness, citrusy, mild bitter finish

2. New Belgium – Berlinerweisse
Appearance – pale yellow Aroma – sour apple Taste – tangy sour, fruity sweetness

3. Sweetwater Tavern – Midnight Rider Black IPA
Appearance – black Aroma – malty sweetness, coffee, slight floral hop Taste – coffee, light bitterness, disappointing after the aroma

4. Allagash – Little Big Beer
Appearance – bronze, cloudy Aroma – funky, mild sweetness Taste – tangy, sour, sweet mid, strong sour finish. Allagash brought out the funk!

5. Port Brewing – Mongo
Appearance – deep golden Aroma – floral, sweet Taste – malty sweet front, harsh switch to bitterness

6. Sierra Nevada – Barrel Aged Life and Limb
Appearance – dark brown Aroma – oaky, bourbon, malty sweetness Taste – malty, maple syrup, slight bitterness, slight sour note (best in show)

7. Dogfish Head – Pangaea (2 year old)
Appearance – light golden Aroma – yeasty, mild spice Taste – light, mild sweetness, spicy

8. Port/Pizza Port – Anniversary Ale
Appearance – bronze Aroma – very hoppy Taste – all hops, malty mid, very hoppy bitter finish

9. Sierra Nevada – 30th Anniversary Grand Cru
Appearance – red Aroma – floral, cloves, malty sweetness Taste – sweet malty front, creamy mouthfeel, bitter hoppy finish

10. Allagash – Avance
Appearance – red, cloudy Aroma – tart cherries Taste – strawberry, sour tangy finish

11. New Belgium – Vreinden
Appearance – bronze Aroma – sweet, mild sourness Taste – tangy, slightly bitter, malty sweet mid

12. Dogfish Head – Immort Ale (2 year old)
Appearance – dark red Aroma – malty sweetness Taste – creamy, heavy, malty sweet, bitter finish

13. Mad Fox – Oaked Slobberknocker Barleywine
Appearance – dark red, cloudy Aroma – light sweetness Taste – oak, malty, mild bitter finish

14. Great American Restaurants – Oak Cask Conditioned Aged High Desert Imperial Stout
Appearance – black Aroma – oak, coffee, malty sweetness Taste – sweet malt, coffee, vanilla, light alcohol burn

This event was phenomenal!  A huge thank you to all of the brewers, Dave Alexander and RFD for putting together 3 hours of fun conversation and delicious beverages!

Make sure you get your tickets early next year!


P.S. – Tomme Arthur, good man.

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