Brew Review: Surly Coffee Bender

Surly Coffee BenderAfter trying Surly’s Bender and not loving it, I was hoping to find redemption trying the kicked up version known as the Coffee Bender.

I’m going to preface my thoughts on the beer by admitting that I actually don’t drink coffee. There has never been a time in my life where I’ve ordered coffee and aside from a sip here and there when someone has told me I needed to try it, I simply have no interest. With that said, I am willing to give any flavor a shot in beer and enjoy many coffee beers, especially stouts, on occasion.

The Coffee Bender pours a very dark brown with a generous amount of head. Not surprisingly the aroma is dominated by coffee from the moment the smell finds your nostrils. Coffee flavor dominates the palate throughout and it lingers on the tongue in a very pleasant way.

This beer is a home run for the style. Considering the fact that I don’t drink coffee and loved it I think that anyone who enjoys the taste on a daily basis will love it.

Thank you Coffee Bender for redeeming my faith in Surly.



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