Brew Review: Super Brew 15

Sometimes I have very odd reasons for buying a beer. This one caught my eye while browsing Cleveland Park Liquors and Fine Wines, not because of the name or style but rather the country of origin: Romania. One of my best friends is Romanian so I decided that the worst-case scenario was that it’d stink and I could mock her country playfully. Besides, how bad could a 15% ABV Barleywine be, even if the name is as pathetic as Super Brew 15.


Super Brew 15 poured a hazy orange with a very faint head. The nose is where this beer started going downhill in a hurry. I can’t describe exactly what I got, possibly because I have tried to block it from my memory, but it was so putrid I gagged several times and felt as though I could vomit any second. In spite of this I began to drink and immediately regretted the decision. I’ve never tasted asshole before, but I imagine that it tastes pretty similar to Super Brew 15.

Drain pours are not something I do, but this piece of garbage had me as close as I get. I finished the bottle but suggest never even looking at this disgusting offering. Super Brew 15 makes Natty Light look like Hopslam, yeah that’s how bad I think this beer was.

Please don’t make the same mistake I did and avoid Super Brew 15 at all costs.



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