3xB: Upland Infinite Wisdom


This week’s Big Bottle: Upland Infinite Wisdom

Recently Boardwalk went out to visit her alma mater, Indiana University  (Boardwalk’s note: Go Hoosiers!).  While there, she saw her friends, took advantage of cheap beer prices, and stopped into Upland Brewing Co. for a tour that she never got around to taking while studying in B-town.  The brewery is located not far from campus.  While out there, she was kind enough to pick up a bottle of Infinite Wisdom for me.

This Tripel comes in at a solid 9% (yeehaw!) and pours with a typical light yellow color.  There was little head and the aroma was slightly yeasty but not much else (maybe a little citrus).  The first sip hits you up front with sweetness followed by carbonation across the tongue and finishing with a balancing bitterness with metallic notes.  Each sip after the first melds into a well-balanced smooth experience.  For 9% this beer goes down very smoothly…so be careful.  Boardwalk managed to get drunk enough off this her senior year that she could not manage to finish her paper on Russia’s foreign policy regarding Ukraine.  (Boardwalk’s note: Not my finest moment…)

If you can get your hands on this beer, it would be wise to buy it.


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