Social Aspects of Beer

An Ode to Stella Artois

Recently Shintern, Pyzocha, and I took a little trip to the great boot; Italy.  Though there has been a recent revival of craft brewing in Italy, we saw very little of it.   We spent most of our drinking time (and thus much of our time) with some of the cheapest beers you can find in Italy.  I now understand why Europeans love Stella, Beck’s, Heiniken, etc.



Bar Review – Chinatown Coffee Company

I’ve explained my life to people as one perpetual dehydration/hydration cycle.  Drink too much coffee during the day, pound water, drink beer at night, pound water before bed, and back to coffee in the morning…

And then someone I must have explained this to told Chinatown Coffee Company (CCC) to get a liquor license and start selling bottles of craft beer.  So I’ve only got two wishes left on that magic lamp.


Adventures in Tailgating

TailgatingNot much beats tailgating for a football game.  You have grilling, games and most importantly beer.  Unfortunately the beer of choice at most tailgates is some sort of light macro brewed beer.  This is generally okay because tailgating is more about socializing, having a good time with friends and of course getting a good buzz on so you don’t have to pay for $8 stadium beers.  On my most recent adventure, I decided I would try to class up the beer selection a bit.

Beats and Beer, Sounds and Suds, Music and Malt Beverages?

Music and beer tend to go hand in hand.  Think about the times you’ve been drinking a beer in complete silence.  It doesn’t happen often does it?  (unless you’re like me and hide in a dark corner pounding through Miller Lites… I kid, I kid)

Music is often times an important part of the drinking experience.  Remember that Presidente you had at the resort in the Dominican Republic with the salsa music echoing in the background?  What about the Coors Light at the country bar where Garth Brooks was saying something about friends in low places?  The Natty Light at the frat party with the hip-hop beat pounding in your ears?  Or maybe it was the Jolly Pumpkin La Roja you were sipping at the Big Hunt while listening to that Aesop Rock track that managed to stick in your head for the next 8 hours?

Regardless of the situation, there’s a very good chance that there was music playing in the background while you were enjoying your last tasty beverage.  So, my questions to you are these:  What do you listen to when you drink (assuming you have control of the music)?  What song would you play, if given the opportunity?


Monday Morning Hangover: Coherent Stupidity

Everyone enjoys drinking.  Well, most people enjoy drinking.  For those of us who do enjoy drinking, there are various levels to our drunkenness.

Many of us can have a few drinks and enjoy our evenings.  A few beers, or a couple glasses of wine, nothing crazy, just something to take the edge off; make us relax a bit.  This is something that can make us more sociable and enjoy the evening.  Although, there is a step, just past the “sociable” level, that I like to call “coherent stupidity”.  Everyone knows it.  It’s the point where the guy that’s been drinking quite a bit isn’t quite wasted, and definitely isn’t sober, but he’s trying to carry on a rational conversation.  A conversation that is definitely beyond the scope of reason for the amount of drinking he’s done.  If this guy were sober, he would probably make sense in this conversation.  However, in his current condition, it’s really not a good idea.


Beer and Football. That’s what we DO!

It’s that magical time of year again.  The time when it’s socially acceptable to get drunk on a Sunday.  FOOTBALL SEASON!!!


Nice Mussels, Bro. No Homo!

Man cannot live on beer alone.  Although in college my friend acquaintance Matt Gyzlowski lived on only beer for a week.  The results were not encouraging.  He was near delirious most of the week.   I do not recommend trying to do this,  but old Gyz did win a $500 bet.  Either for survival or just because you are a typical overweight American glutton, you have to eat.

But that does not mean you have to stop drinking beer.

And that usually doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking really good beers.


Thinking About Drinking Games

Drinking games always leave me with a lot of questions.  It’s not anything about how they’re played, but more about their names, players, or general existence.  Two that I could never figure out:  Why do some people call it beer pong and others Beirut?  And, why are girls so good at flip cup?

The question that I want to think about today is a bit different:  Where do drinking games fit in the broader beer culture?


…the part of the day that I cannot sleep away

A Review:

I personally have three major “coping mechanisms” to deal with the slings and arrows life throws at one.

  1. Work (excessively)
  2. Drink (more excessively)
  3. Work-out (somewhat excessively)

Since this in not a blog about the gratuitous misuse of taxpayer money or how Women Don’t Like Men With Upper Body Strength, I’ll focus my post today on number two:  the use of alcohol.