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Beer Madness! 50 (2)Back in Black v. (6)Dortmunder Gold

(2) 21st Amendment Back in Black
(6) Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

These two beers could not be more different in appearance and style. BIB IPA has an intense taste to match its strong ABV and pours, well, black; Dortmunder Gold is lighter in taste than the BIB IPA, less ABV, and pours, well, gold. Back In Black hails from San Francisco’s can-loving 21st Amendment Brewery while Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold is worshiped by Mid-Westerners (should say something about Ohio when their beer is more popular than their sports teams…) Dortmunder Gold erupted into the D.C. market in 2010 and had a strong fan following at the beginning, but does it have enough fans to beat the Back In Black that has steadily gained more and more fans as people look for IPA’s outside of the normal style?

I want to say Back In Black, but based on how crap my picks in the actual tourney were, I’ll go with my brain: Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold for the win.

Beer Madness! 37 (2)Back in Black v. (10)Moo Thunder

(2) 21st Amendment Back in Black IPA
(10) Butternuts Moo Thunder

An ode to the Back in Black
To be or not to be (an IPA), that is the question,
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind (liver) to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (sobriety),
Or to take arms (beer) against a sea of troubles (probably women),
And by opposing (drinking) end them?

And you probably thought the only use for Shakespeare after 11th grade English was wooing women.  You were just proved to be an idiot.

Also F*ck the Butternuts.  You defeated BLUE PAW and crushed the hopes and dreams of so many.

Beer Madness! 9 (2)Back in Black v. (15)Abita Turbodog

(2) 21st Amendment Back in Black
(15) Abita Turbodog

Anything that the brewery claims is inspired by Paul Revere has to be an early favorite.  Taking the nontraditional good-beer-in-a-can approach, Back in Black may be a bit overrated at a two seed, but still makes a strong case to advance.  If you’re looking for a deep sleeper while filling out your brackets, think about the solid but fairly standard Turbodog.  Personally I’m going to stick with the 21st Amendment’s successful merging of some of my favorite elements of both IPAs and very dark brews.

Beer Madness! 4 (7)Brew Free or Die v. (10)Chicory Stout

(7) 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die
(10) Dogfish Head Chicory Stout

If styles make fights, then this will be a battle to watch.  This might be the most intriguing matchup of the first round.  We got East Coast vs. West Coast; lithe and hoppy vs heavy and strong.  Both teams are great at executing their game plan.  Expect a back and forth battle as both beers throw haymakers from the opening tip.  Either beer can win, and either beer will be a tough out in the next round.

Beer Madness! (An ode to ale, college basketball, and day drinking)

You are probably an American or living in America.  (If you are not, please click this link.)  Since you are an American or have had America thrust upon you, then I am sure you are aware of the big month-long amateur sporting contest that begins this week.  This contest is a great opportunity to gamble and to slack off at work while doing research* for your impending gambling binge.  The great thing about this implicit endorsement of wagering on the physical performance of 19-year-old boys, is that everyone can participate and anyone can win.

Your college is not represented?  Fill out your bracket predicting the 1st round demise of your hated rival.  You don’t know the difference between a box-in-one and a box of shit?  Fill out your bracket based on which mascot would win in a fight. You know more about college basketball than Dick Vitale and Bill Raftery?  I guarantee your bracket will not win.  Karen from accounting is going to win because she likes Kansas State’s purple uniforms.

In honor of this great gambling orgy, J Street Beer is doing you a favor.  We have combined your two favorite things into one great thing. Alcohol and gambling. Together at last! That’s correct, we are hosting our inaugural J Street Beer Madness Super-Brew Tournament For The Ages (JSBMSBTFTA, for short).  Over the next few weeks we will whittle our 64 brews down to one supreme beer champion.  View the bracket below and then vote on the individual match-ups. The voting will be for a complete 24 hour period and each match-up will coincidentally be voted on during the same day as the corresponding match-up in that other tournament that everybody in your office will predict better than you.  When we get to the excellent eight final beers, J Street Beer will have head-to-head taste tests to determine the winner.

On to the match ups…


Brew Review-21st Amendment Fireside Chat

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!  Oh what fun it is to ride… IT’S STILL OCTOBER!!!

Come on brewers, we’ve gotta get all the way through November still.  The first day of Winter is actually the 21st of December.  That’s nearly 2 months away!

I’m all for trying to beat the other guy to the punch, but come on.  There are still Oktoberfests and pumpkin ales that need to be drank (drunk?).  Hell, I’ve got a marzen that hasn’t even been kegged yet (I know, I’m lazy, I figure it’ll be ready by next October).

Though it goes completely against most things I stand for (and let’s be honest, there aren’t a lot of things I stand for), I had to give this early winter brew a try.  After all, it has this old man smoking a pipe, sitting next to a fire talking to an elf on the packaging.  How cool is that?  My guess is it’s an allusion to FDR and his radio show, although, I doubt he ever talked to an elf.


Beer Decision: July 15 – Aftermath

As of 5:30pm on Thursday, July 15th, the Pales had won.  By a narrow 1 vote margin.

So, true to my word, Thursday night was Pale Night.

Here’s how it went: