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Brew Review-Abita Vanilla Porter

I found this beer on tap while traveling for the holidays. Even though it was on the ‘select tap’ at the bar and, thus, one of the more expensive beers, it was a whopping $5; yea, cheap rent/property/staff wages really help to bring down the cost of beer.

Anyways, I try to preach the good word of Shiner to anyone who listens but also listen to others’ opinions, especially when they like a local beer from college. Dr Boozenstein has convinced me that Abita, local to Louisiana, is good for at least a try, so it’s with that mindset that I ordered this brew.

In the bar, the beer was very dark in the middle with a red-tinge to the outside edges. You definitely get the vanilla smell, so much so that I could not distinguish anything else from the aroma. The beer gives you a vanilla flavor. The beer was very thin in body but managed to linger too long after each drink.

— Shintern1909