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American Craft Beer Week!

It’s that time of year again!


It’s a celebration of all that is good with craft beer in America.  In other words, a good excuse for you to go out and drink as many American craft beers as possible (while still being responsible)!

Being the big craft beer supporter I am, I decided to go to’s Event Page to see what was going on in DC.  Surprisingly, there are only 4 things listed.  (really?)

Being the resourceful craft beer supporter I am, I knew this was not true, and checked on the Lagerheads and their always impressive calendar.

Spoiler:  There are enough things going on that you won’t be able to make them all.

Get out there!  It’s American Craft Beer Week!  Support your local brewers, and your national brewers.  Make it your personal mission to enjoy those tasty beverages!  Why are you still reading this?!?


P.S. – Don’t forget DCBeer’s page!