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Roundtable Discussion: The Most Overrated Beer in the History of the Universe (So Far)

Obviously all of us are mindless sheep without the brain power to keep from drooling on ourselves, let alone form our own opinions about whether or not a beer is good.  Well, not all of us are high functioning idiots, just you, the public, are.  Here at J Street, we are experts with the most exquisite taste and the fairest minds for judging the rest of society.  However, we use our extreme powers only to further the greater good of society.  That is the purpose of these round table discussions: so that you, the public, can see what it is like when the gods disagree in Valhalla.  Also, we have one track minds and that track is beer.  Choo-choo!  Beer train coming through!  May it’s headlight guide us out of this cave of ignorance.